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Thursday, 19 December 2013

At last, I have a name for my 'epic' novel which I am writing in between all my other stories. It will be called - 'Boudicca Vitae'.
It is set in Norfolk, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France and even London. It starts in AD59 and flows both through Europe, Scandinavia and time.
The Nazi's are the first to find a clue to something which, even they, don't understand. But a collapsing Nazi Empire forces them to make a desperate decision which 'lands'on a desolate beach on the wartime coast of North Norfolk.
Years later, an eccentric vicar stumbles onto a clue to a very different story. Sadly, he dies before he can understand what he has found. But, before he dies, he stands in an  office in Sheringham with water dripping from his coat. Outside, the wind is blowing hard; it is a cold and wet winters night on the coast of North Norfolk. He rapidly sketches a map onto the back of an envelope before he hands it to my father and, without a word, rapidly disappears into the darkness outside.
Many more years later, I discuss the mysterious map with a researcher in a museum in Amsterdam. We start to put several clues together but, unfortunately, others are looking too. But, they are too busy looking for gold and they miss vital clues. We begin to wonder if the map is going to take us to two very different conclusions and we need to find answers before anyone else gets killed. A desperate chase across the North Sea ensures and then, when an answer (or two) finally arrives, it is certainly nothing like the holy grail that we, or our hunters, had been looking for!

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